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Me too! I created Take 5 for those with hectic ​lives and high-stress jobs. Life is busy, but it ​doesn’t have to be chaotic. If you have little time ​and high anxiety, you’re in the right place. After ​experiencing burnout eleven years ago, I learned ​the importance of taking breaks from the ​relentless pressures of career and caregiving. ​Now, I prioritize inner peace above all. Is my ​anxiety totally gone? No, but I’ve taken my ​power back from it and you can too. Through ​Take 5, I share the practices that helped me ​reclaim my health from the effects of anxiet​y and ch​r​onic stress.

Meditate with Me via zoom

Free 15 Min Guided Meditations Weekly at 4:30 PST

Happy Hour marks the time of day when a lot of us ​yearn for something to take the edge off our anxiety and ​stress. Meditation can be just as effective of a relaxant ​after a hectic day as your preferred cocktail.

If you are like me and love wine this can help you “keep ​it mindful” and heighten your senses to up-level the ​tasting experience. Weekly themes may include ​breathwork, mantra, and mindfulness.

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workplace ​meditations

Via Take 5 YouTube Channel

5 Minute Relaxations

My free YouTube channel offers 5-minute ​guided meditations, including Movement (Chair ​Yoga), Breathwork, and Grounding Meditations. ​Each video can be done at your desk in work ​clothes. Here, you’re invited to pause, rejuvenate, ​and realign whenever you need.

great for the transition from ​work to home or before an ​important meeting or presentation

About take 5, llc

Take 5, LLC is a Wellness Company dedicated to Health Empowerment, Stress Management, and Mindful Consumption. Bridging the gap between traditional wellness practices and the corporate world, Take 5 seamlessly integrates Breathwork, Meditation, Yoga, and Mindfulness into the workplace, from the conference room to the cocktail table.

With the intention of providing a simplified pathway to inner peace, Take 5 condenses techniques and teachings into easily digestible formats that align with the busy lives of today's professionals.

About your guide

Maria Mayes is the woman behind Take 5. Her in-depth ​experience as a Meditation, Yoga/Ayurvedic Lifestyle ​Teacher, and Chopra Certified Wellbeing Coach, is ​complemented by over two decades leading teams in the ​software industry and a decade of educating in a ​boutique winery, where she developed the Take 5 Mindful ​Tasting process. She launched the Chakras & Chardonnay ​podcast in 2023 to bring these teachings to a larger ​audience in a fun, flavorful fashion.

Maria is a mom of two teens and is deeply committed to ​the mental well-being of adolescents. As a Sr. Customer ​Success Manager at Kooth Digital Health, she leads team ​in facilitating the adoption of Soluna, a groundbreaking ​mental wellness app free to youth aged 13-25 throughout ​California, funded by DHCS.

What our clients say

“She helped me get back on-track mentally and physically. She has also taught me how to manage my stress and anxiety through breathing and centering.”

-Al B

“Great experience! She can merge meditation, breath work, and yoga in a real-world application.”

- Kristina F

"Maria is a kind soulful person. She has helped me with physical wellness, mental wellness, and calming."

- Bob M

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